The Aves 65 non-blocker version PCB is now in stock

The Aves 65 non-blocker version—a fully programmable 65% PCB powered by open source software—is now finally in stock! It was delayed due to some components being completely out of stock.


  • Hotswap-sockets (Kailh).
  • RGB-underglow.
  • USB-C.
  • ESD protection and fuse.
  • Hardware button to enter DFU (Bootloader) Mode.
  • Compatible with any keyboard case that uses the TADA68 PCB-design.
  • Powered by three different open source firmwares: VIAL, VIA and QMK.
  • Fully programmable. No silly drivers needed.

Non-blocker vs. blocker layout

The non-blocker version is exactly the same as the older version of Aves 65, except for the bottom row being different.

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