Future plans: Aves 60, more Aves 65 and cases

We should probably be a bit better about keeping updates about what’s going on and what the future plans we have in mind for I/O Keyboards. Here’s a first try at being better at that.

More Aves 65

Two new alternative version of Aves 65 is on it’s way! The second version will feature a classic ‘non-blocker’ layout, and it should be in stock in about 1-2 months if everything goes according to plans.

Aves 65 – Non-blocker layout

The third version of Aves 65 will be a solder version with support for multiple layouts, including support for a split spacebar!

Aves 65 - Solder version
Aves 65 – Solder version

We haven’t yet decided on the naming scheme here. Right now we call them “Aves 65 hotswap version” and “Aves 65 solder version”. We’re thinking about calling them Aves 65 and Aves 65S. Where the “S” stands for “solder”.

If you have any ideas, let us know!

Aves 60

This is something that I’m personally rather exited about. As a 60% keyboard user, I’m looking forward to use one of our own PCBs. One of the features I’m most excited about with the Aves 60 PCB, is the support for a split spacebar. It will support the same split spacebar layout as the Aves 65.

The Aves 60 will first be released in a solder version, and later in a hotswap version.

Our first case

We’re also planning on releasing our first case. It will be a aluminum case with tray mount styling. We’re trying to keep it classic, simple and affordable. We don’t have any more details today, but subscribe to our web feed or follow us on Mastodon, and you’ll be the first to know about any progress.


As always, we don’t want to make any promises for any dates, at least not right now. Hopefully everything will be ready to order sooner rather than later.

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